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Xantto van 't Enclavehof

LOSH 0825189 / SchH-IPO 3 / Kkl 2A / OFA "Good" (GS-58105G24M-T)

Xantto van 't Enclavehof

  • DOB: January 18th 1998
  • PEDIGREE: Click here

  • SIRE: Vello von der Fasanerie - SchH-IPO 3 / FH1 / Kkl 1A / A-Normal

  • DAM: Franzy vom Wimbachtal - SchH 1 / Kkl 2A

  • Xantto van 't EnclavehofXantto is an excellent producer of working abilities and type. He was Tracy Betenbaugh's competition dog from 2002 to 2004. He competed in numerous USCA National Events during that time. Xantto scored 100 points in protection during his IPO 3 and Dennis Vander Linde was Xantto's primary Helper. Xantto, like his half brother Amos van't Enclavehof, builds drive during obedience and is an extremely powerful dog with calm, full and hard grips.

    Koer Report:

    Above medium size, moderately strong, stretched, good secondary sex characteristics, good expression, high withers, slight dip behind them, straight back, short croup. Balanced chest proportions, normal front, the upper arm should be longer, very good angulation of the hindquarters, toed in gait in rear, toed in gait in front whereas the elbows are not completely closed, the rear drive is powerful and effective, the front reach should be less constricted. Instinctive behavior, self-confidence, and the ability to cope with stress pronounced; does release.