Aus dem Traumblick

Our Vision

At Aus dem Traumblick, our Vision is to breed high quality “Working” German Shepherds that:

  • Conform to the German Shepherd Standard adopted by the World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs (WUSV) [Federic Clonique International (F.C.I.)-Standard-No. 166/23.03.1991/D, Edition 1993];
  • Have exceptional temperament, excellent health and high trainability;
  • Are working dogs of noble character who are loyal and devoted family members and companions.

To achieve this Objective, we have outlined the following Goals that we continually strive to attain.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity
Aus dem Traumblick is a small breeding kennel producing one or two litters per year. Our breeding program is best summarized by the famous quote from William A. Foster: “Quality... is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

Seek out the best and proven European bloodlines
Whether located in Europe or the United States, seek out the best and proven European bloodlines. If necessary, travel to access them.

Select the best breeding pair
When selecting a breeding pair, we consider temperament, trainability, workability, conformation and health, including reducing the reproduction of hip and elbow dysplasia and other congenital diseases or faults. Our Dams, and the Studs we use, have all attained their Koerung (Kkl 1A or 2A), which is a designation by a Breed Judge (Koermiester) that denotes a Dam’s or Stud’s suitability to be used in a breeding program, conformance to the F.C.I. Standard and confirms their attainment of the following:

  • Schutzhund (e.g., SchH 1, 2 or 3) or Herding (HGH) Working Title;
  • Certificate stating they are free of hip dysplasia [e.g., Orthopedic Foundation or Animals (OFA), German a-Stamp, etc.);
  • Conformation Rating of either Excellent Select (VA), Excellent (V), Very Good (SG) or Good (G);
  • AD (AD) Endurance Title (12.5 mile endurance test); and
  • Certification to be from Pure Lineage (i.e., Officially Pedigreed from a WUSV member club) and from dogs who have attained WUSV Recognized Working Titles.

Control the factors that we can
We provide optimal veterinary care, premium nutrition and scrupulous environmental controls for mother and her puppies, and all of our dogs.

Provide daily hands on involvement
During the critical stages of development, we are actively involved with the puppies and mother to ensure that their development occurs appropriately.

Educate the owners of our puppies
We work with the owners, educating them about proper socialization and development, training, physical activity requirements and restrictions, proper nutrition and veterinary care. We include our owners in the socialization of our litters from 3 weeks on. We educate the owners on the importance of proper socialization during a puppy’s social development stage, which occurs between 5 to 12 weeks of age.

Encourage our owners to train their dogs to fully develop their handler-dog relationship
We encourage our owners to participate in Schutzhund, Agility or another dogsport (e.g., Rally Obedience, Competition Obedience, Herding, Tracking, etc), or when appropriate, work in Search and Rescue, Assistance or Police Service.

Follow our puppies through their development into adulthood
We maintain contact with our owners to gather valuable feedback about our dog’s temperament, health, physical attributes, trainability and workability.

Distinguish ourselves as Breeders
Make it known that we breed excellent quality Working German Shepherd Dogs.

Challenge every decision we make
We seek the opinions and criticisms of other top breeders, to have checks and balances on what we are doing and to measure our success. We research, control, evaluate and re-evaluate, then modify, in an effort to continue to improve.

Perform litter temperament testing
Evaluate each puppy to maximize the compatibility of the puppy with their owner’s lifestyle, goals and aspirations.

Actively train, compete and show our dogs
We are active participants in Schutzhund and Agility Trials at the Local, Regional and National Levels. We are believers in the Handler-Owner-Trained (HOT) dog.