Aus dem Traumblick

Lümmel vom Geiersnest

SZ. 1991204 / SchH-IPO 3 / SG / Kkl 1A / A-Normal

Lümmel vom Geiersnest

  • DOB: October 14th 2001
  • PEDIGREE: Click here

  • SIRE: Greg von der Zitadellenburg - SchH 3 / Kkl 1A / A-Fast Normal

  • DAM: Hexe vom Geiersnest - SchH 1 / Kkl 2A

  • Koer Report: Medium size, strong boned, good proportions, good withers, normal front, very good angulation. Straight moving in front and rear, shows a powerful gait with very good rear drive. Instinctive behavior, self-confidence and the ability to cope with stress pronounced; does release. Additional comments - Very good working attitude. Recommended for females that lack instinctive behavior, self-confidence and the ability to cope with stress and to improve pigment. HD-ZW:89.

    Special Comments: Lummel is a medium-sized dog who is very powerful and fast in protection with calm, full and hard grips. He has exceptional drives for all phases of the work. Lummel is known for his exceptional nerves, ability to cope with stress and passing these characteristics on to his progeny. Lummel was Erin Sampson's competition dog during 2003 and 2004 and they were consistently ranked in the top 10 of all SchH 3 dogs competing in the USA during that time.