Aus dem Traumblick

Java aus dem Traumblick

DN26662403 (AKC) /BH / SG / GS-85573G24F-VPI HIPS GOOD / GS-EL26578F24-VPI ELBOW 24 NORMAL

Java aus dem Traumblick

  • DOB: November 27th 2009
  • LINEBREEDING: 1989 WUSV SIEGER Fado von Karthago (5, 5 - 5); Orry von Haus Antverpa (5 - 5)
  • PEDIGREE: Click here

Java is a substantial female with a powerful gait and excellent structure and angulation. She displays an extremely solid temperament, and possesses strong and appropriate drives in all IPO phases. Java is Dale Franz’s current HOT competition dog – and has achieved her BH and AD and received a Ser Ghut rating in her first conformation trial. Java excels in the C phase, and displays a clear and very powerful picture in protection. Java and Dale are working toward their IPO1 title in the upcoming Coal Mountain December 2013 trial. Java aus dem Traumblick