Aus dem Traumblick

Fado von der Lutter

NHSB 2550698 / VH 3 / FH1 / Kkl 1A / A-Normal

Fado von der Lutter

  • DOB: March 16th 2000
  • LINEBREEDING: H-Litter (Hella - Heiko) vom Ruhbergblick (4 - 5); Jupp vom Hirtgarten (5 - 5); Afra vom Stoppenberger Land (5 - 4, 5)
  • PEDIGREE: Click here

  • SIRE: Andy von der Lemper Heide - SchH 3 / FH / Kkl 1A / A-Normal

  • DAM: Haska von Karthago - SchH 3 / Kkl 1A / A-Normal

  • Fado von der LutterFado is the super producer from The Netherlands who is known in Europe as one of the fastest and hardest hitting dogs on the courage test and is also a Service Dog. He has excellent drives in all three phases, is a very social and happy dog that enjoys working, and is producing these same results in his progeny.

    Koer Report:

    Above average size, medium strong, slightly stretched, good pigment. Good upper line, short falling croup. Upper arm is short and steep, good rear angulation. Shows consistent, fast gating and stays in good balance. Whole body is put tight together with ideal GSD character. Sure temperament, instinctive behavior, self-confidence and the ability to cope with stress VERY pronounced; does release.