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Cento van Kiefbos

LOSH 0933734 / SchH 3

Cento van Kiefbos

  • DOB: June 11th 2003
  • LINEBREEDING: Afra vom Stoppenberger Land (5 - 5); Harro aus der Lechrainstadt (5 - 5, 5); Fado von Karthago (4, 5 - 4)
  • PEDIGREE: Click here

  • SIRE: Gump di Dranel - SchH 3 / Kkl 1A / A-Normal

  • DAM: Yarka Romanishel - SchH 1 / Kkl 1A / A-Normal

  • Cento is Rick Burgo’s current competition dog and stud dog for his breeding program.  They placed 3rd in the GSDCA-WDA National Championship earning a spot on the 2009 Untied States of America WUSV World Championship Team.  Rick and Cento have competed in numerous National Schutzhund Events over the past several years earning excellent scores in tracking, obedience and protection.  Cento possesses exceptional working abilities in all three phases, outstanding nerves and athleticism, is very handler hard, and has an impressive ability to deal with stress.

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