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Hello Everyone, I have great news to report on K9 Cinco. We just returned from Florida for a week long K9 seminar. Cinco exceeded everyone's expectations. By the end of the week, he passed all of the tests and received FIVE (5) national certifications. They included 2 tracking certifications, 2 area search certifications and 1 cadaver certification. And the amazing part is that he only 12 months old. In fact, several of the trainers and evaluators watched him work and they wanted Cinco for themselves. This is huge compliment because these folks have evaluated and tested hundreds of dogs around the country. Tracy and CincoThey could not believe he was only 12 months old and thought that we worked great together and that Cinco was an exceptional dog. I hope to get his international certifications after he turns 18 months old (the minimum age for testing with this association). Below is a summary of K9 Cinco's training and certifications.

Update: February 25th 2007
Hello Everyone, It's been a while since we have sent any information on K9 SARS. We hope that everyone had a good holiday season and are having a Happy New Year. We are now going to start sending monthly updates again since things are starting to slow down since the holidays and New Year festivities. We are happy to announce some great news about K9 Cinco. This past weekend we traveled to North Carolina for additional certifications and he passed all the tests. He now has his Advanced Cadaver certification through the International Police Work Dog Association (IPWDA). This is a very difficult test and requires the dog to conduct all tests perfectly to receive certification. The reason he hasn't received this certification before now is that the Association requires that the dog be at least 18 months old and this is the first time they have offered the test since he turned 18 months old. With this certification, K9 Cinco is the most highly certified search dog in the State of Georgia..and possibly in the United States. Listed below is a summary of his qualifications. The amazing part of this is that he is such a young dog, only 20 months old and has passed the highest level of certifications for search and rescue work. We are very proud of him. I'll send in a separate email an overview of the searches and training we have conducted over the past months. It's been a very busy time, but everyone is doing well and having a ball.and chasing a ball! As always, thank you for your support.

Sincerely, Trace Sargent, K9 SARS
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Updated Info Sheet


  • Certified Canine Good Citizen - American Kennel Club
  • Certified Trailing Dog - K9 Search & Rescue Specialists, Inc.
  • Certified Cadaver/HRD Dog - K9 Search & Rescue Specialists, Inc.
  • Licensed SAR Trailing Dog - Georgia Office of Homeland Security
  • Licensed Cadaver/HRD Dog - Georgia Office of Homeland Security
  • Certified Area Search Dog - North American Police Work Dog Association
  • Certified Area Search Dog - National Narcotics Detector Dog Association
  • Certified Tracking Dog - North American Police Work Dog Association
  • Certified Tracking Dog - National Narcotics Detector Dog Association
  • Certified Cadaver/HRD Dog - National Narcotics Detector Dog Association

  • Certified Cadaver/HRD Dog - International Police Work Dog Association
  • Certified Type I Trailing Dog - State of Georgia - NIMS
  • Certified Type I Cadaver/HRD Dog - State of Georgia - NIMS
  • Certified Cadaver/HRD Dog - Georgia Body Recovery Team
  • Some info on the activities from October 2007:

    We have had a very busy month and have been looking forward to sharing our latest update with you.  Here is a summary of October’s activities:

    Runaway Girl – An 11-year old girl got upset at a social event and walked away not telling anyone she was leaving.  She was found when we arrived on the scene.  She was found by emergency responders a couple of miles walking down a road.  Fortunately she was found safe and returned to her family.

    Presentation – Best in Show Dog Treats – Cinco and I were asked to be “models” for the National 4-H Convention in Downtown Atlanta.   The folks were terrific and they fell in love with Cinco.   This is a great program to help kids raise funds for their projects.  Its kinda like girl scouts selling cookies to raise funds…however these kids can sell animal treats to raise funds.   Their web site address is for additional information.

    Presentation – Big Canoe – Cinco, Cheyenne and I visited the beautiful community and folks at Big Canoe.  Joyce Raley so graciously coordinated the event, and it was a big success.  Cinco and Cheyenne thrilled the group with their antics and search skills, and the food was delicious and yummy.  It truly was a magical and amazing night with everyone, and we thank everyone so very much for such a memorable time.

    Body Parts – Folks may have heard about this search since it was on the news.  The search involved body parts.  We assisted officials in the search for additional human remains.  No other parts were discovered at this time, and the case is still ongoing.  
    Missing Man – This case has been ongoing for several months, and we have searched for this person in numerous areas.  We traveled to the North Georgia area two times this month to look for him.  It is expected this gentleman was murdered, and we are currently looking for his remains.

    K9 Conference – We attended the International Police Work Association national conference in North Carolina.  I took Cinco with me for additional certifications, and we have great news to report.  Cinco successfully passed several more certifications.  To my knowledge this makes Cinco the most certified SAR dog in the world.  The tests were very difficult (some of the hardest tests we have ever had to do), and the evaluators were very impressed with Cinco’s abilities.  And even more surprising, they have invited, accepted and approved me as a Master Trainer for their association.  This is a great honor and I’m very humbled by their consideration.  I’ll be the first Master Trainer for IPWDA in the State of Georgia, and only one of four in the country for SAR dogs.  I’ve attached a complete list of Cinco’s certifications, including his latest certifications.

    And it looks like November is going to be busy too.  We have three cadaver searches scheduled for this week.  We’ll let everyone know about the outcome of these searches..