Aus dem Traumblick

B Litter "Van Eisen Linde"


  • DOB: December 22nd 2003
  • SIRE: Troll vom Haus Milinda - SchH 3, IPO 3, FH 1, Kkl 2A
  • DAM: Usha van Guy's Hof - SchH 3, IWR 3, Kkl 2A
  • LITTER: 3 Males and 8 Females
  • PEDIGREE: Click here

  • LITTER ACHIEVEMENTS: B-LitterSeveral of the dogs from this litter are excelling in Schutzhund. Bolo and Mary Clukey have attained their SchH BH, AD and an SG conformation rating. They are also well on their way to achieving their SchH1 and Koer Klasse Rating. Recently, Bolo also was evaluated as OFA Excellent, Aus dem Traumblick's first dog to achieve this rating. Baja and Aaron Cason have recently achieved their SchH BH in White Bluff, TN. Aaron and Baja are now in pursuit of the SchH 1.
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