Aus dem Traumblick

Eik von der Geissheide

SZ 1997652 / SchH-IPO 3 / FH1 / Kkl 1A /
OFA "Good" (GS-57828G30M-T)

Eik von der Geissheide

  • DOB: July 07th 1997
  • LINEBREEDING: Vello Niddereiche (5 - 5)
  • PEDIGREE: Click here

  • SIRE: Crok vom Erlenbusch - SchH 3 / FH / Kkl 2A / A-Normal

  • DAM: Adonka vom Kornerplatz - SchH 1 / Kkl 2A / A-Normal

  • Eik von der GeissheideEik was Handler Owner Trained (HOT) by Dennis Vander Linde from 8 months of age. His highest SchH 3 score was 99, 92, 98 with many Excellent (V) scores in protection and tracking. His FH 1 score was 93. He has been a competitor in numerous USCA National Events and Regional Events. Eik's breeding has been repeated by Kennel Von der Geissheide in Germany three times! Eik possess excellent working abilities in all three phases and comes extremely fast without slowing on the courage test and always has a hard, full and calm grip. His guarding is very impressive too, which comes from his natural aggression through Mink vom Haus Whitfield. Eik is passing on these qualities to his progeny as well as his outstanding athleticism.

    Koer Report:

    Above medium size, moderately strong, typey and expressive, high withers, firm back, good position and length of the croup. Good angulation of the fore and very good angulation of the hindquarters. Correct chest proportions, straight front, straight moving, very good front reach and powerful rear drive. Sure temperament, instinctive behavior, self-confidence and the ability to cope with stress pronounced; does release.